Just In!!  New Skin Care Testimonial 4/26/2018

Products usedAgeless Cleanser, Ageless Serum, Vit C serum, Eye Cream, Sun up Daycream, and Sun down Night cream 

Day 1 to Day 3 Results by Day 5!




Diana's Story: 10/12/17

I cannot say enough good things about her handmade products. I have had severe skin problems for several years and her soaps leave no residue, make your skin soft and healed plus, your body feels completely relaxed. (I use her lavender soap!) The fragrances are pure and clean smelling, not overpowering.

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While I was going thru chemo, Anita brought in some soap samples to try. I was so thrilled by the feel and the smell-my poor skin was also suffering from the side effect of chemo. Anita’s soap relieved my skin, helping because her products are so pure and clean!

Just try them and you’ll agree!



Bath Sorbet Testimonial 

Remember winter- cold, dry, cracked, and itchy skin. Compound that uncomfortable feeling with recovering from surgery and the inability to smooth lotion over your skin. UGH!

Then, Anita’s Bath Sorbet to rescued me. Soaking in a hot tub with the bubbling sorbet and lovely aromas became a highlight in my recovery. After only one time, my skin felt so much better-smoother with a hint of a fresh fragrance. Physically and psychologically, I was on my road (or sorbet bath) to recovery.



Bar Soap Testimonial         

My friend at work orders soap from you.  He sold me a bar for $5 and told me it would clear up my acne.  I have used it for 4 days and every spot of acne is gone!  I have tried everything including proactive and never had these results.  A girl at school told me that my skin was so clear today compared to Monday when I last saw her.  The guy that had me try this soap said it is all natural it is good for your skin.  I love it and want to order 2 more bars for me and 2 for my sister.

Thank you,

~Ashley B